Abigor - Quintessence Digibook DIN A 5 DCD

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Black Metal Cult from Austria

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Comes as hardcover A5 format 2CD, limited to 950 copies .Containing recordings that shaped the history of Black Metal as a genre (namely the infamous demos from 1993 and 1994) and a new interpretation of ?Channelling the Quintessence of Satan?, revisited over a decade later. The transfiguration is of radical nature while preserving, actually enhancing, the original spirit. It is something to experience and not to describe but let's make a vain attempt and write that it's Janus-like, as ancient as it is contemporary, as TRADITIONAL as it is groundbreaking. In other words, Black Metal in all its glory. Limited in 950 copies! CD 1: "Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan" Version 2011 CD 2: "The Satanic Tapes" 1993-1994 CD 1: 1. Channeling the Quintessence of Satan 2. Equilibrium Pass By 3. Demon's Vortex 4. Flesh Magic Rites 5. Dawn of Human Dust 6. Utopia Consumed 7. Pandemonic Revelation 8. Towards Beyond Total playing time: 44:04 CD 2: 1. Filii Septemtrionum / Diabolic Unity 2. Saeculum Obscurum / Kingdom of Darkness 3. Animae Tortae 4. Finis Redemptionis / Crawl Back to Your Cross 5. Obliteration 6. Midwintertears 7. Eye to Eye at Armageddon 8. Abyssmal Scorn 9. Other Truth 10. The Prophecy 11. Universe of Black Divine 12. My Soft Vision in Blood 13. Dance of the Dead 14. In Sin 15. Shadowlord Total playing time: 01:04:49

GENRE: Black Metal
FORMAT: Din A5 Digipak
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