Abysmal Grief - We Lead The Procession ,CD

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Doom Metal from Italy

Kategorie: DOOM

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?We Lead The Procession? takes the listener deep into the gloomy burial vaults of Abysmal Grief?s past. Compiling 8 tracks recorded between 1998 and 2009, the album contains a collection of raw but very listenable alternate recordings of some of their wellknown gothic classics as well as 4 previously unreleased tracks. Spanning a decade of recordings, the aptly titled ?We Lead The Procession? stands as a cenotaph of how Abysmal Grief has been leading the funeral procession for years and have left footprints of Death itself which others can only follow? The CD contains a video for "Sinister Gleams", is limited to 500 copies and never to be made available again! 1.Open Sepulchre [2008 ? previously unreleased version] 2.Fear Of Profanation [2003 ? previously unreleased version] 3.Raise The Dead [2009 ? Bathory cover ? previously unreleased] 4.Exsequia Occulta (live) [2006 ? previously unreleased version] 5.Procession [1999 ? previously unreleased] 6.Bara (rehearsal) [1998 ? previously unreleased] 7.Profanation [1999 ? Death SS cover ? previously unreleased] 8.Mors Eleison (rehearsal) [2008 ? previously unreleased version] 9.Sinister Gleams [video]

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