Anniversary Circle - Saturated Feathers , cd

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Gothic Rock

Kategorie: BLACK METAL

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Of their ancestral catalysts I think the Banshees, Joy Division and The Danse Society make most sense, but as the creep atmosphere of this fine debut album sweeps over and around you it would make more sense to cast your mind back to the early 90?s and imagine a band in Twin Peaks forming. That same brooding sense of mystery, the same ghostly lightness of touch." The missing link between Joy Division, Bauhaus & Killing Joke. You?re born, you live and you die in your beds. On each occasion there is cause for celebration or mourning. Always acted upon without question? When we die do we ask? Do we go to heaven, do we go to hell, or are we part of the atheist, agnostic, organic, Darwinist plan and go to earth. Turn to dust. Do we have a choice? Or are we in a perpetual cycle for all eternity. Anniversary Circle. An Existing living hell. CD came out in normal jewel case. 01 Anniversary Circle 02 Saturated Feathers 03 Understand 04 See Me 05 Take 06 Loving Cup 07 Too Tired 08 Facing Julia 09 Winters 10 Bent Out Of Shape 11 Make It Look Like Suicide

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