According to Brian Giffin in his Encyclopedia of Australian Heavy Metal, the band plays a mix of black and thrash metal. [2] Bart Gabriel of wrote in his review of Enforcers of Evil that the band's influences, such as Darkthrone, Gospel of the Horns and Toxic Holocaust, could also be called Midnight, Gehennah and Hellhammer's riffs. In music, the group uses additional influences from rock 'n' roll and punk. The group waives solos, melodies or technical claim. Instead, they are straightforward, simple, evil, loud and humid-happy. Shawn Miller of said in his review of the split release with Whipstriker that Bastardizer's part is most likely to be referred to as Bathory's debut album as a reference, as the music is fast, aggressive and full of Thrash and Black Metal elements , It would awaken memories of Nocturnal, Aura Noir and early Sodom. The vocals consist of deep growls, while the drums sound like the D-Beat
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