BESTIAL WARLUST - Satan's Fist M-CD, Digi-Pak

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Black/Death Metal from Australia

Kategorie: DEATH METAL

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1. Left for Vultures 2. Hell's Militia 3. Satan's Fist Unearthed from the vault, one of the rarest entries in the BESTIAL WARLUST canon: Satan's Fist - Demo 1996, the legendary band's final longer-form recording. With K.K. Warslut having gone on to DESTROYER666 and Damon Bloodstorm to ABOMINATOR, the pared-down BESTIAL WARLUST were at a crucial juncture in 1996, with Skullfucker on vocals/guitars and Hellcunt on drums. Between the two of them, however, the three songs they'd record for Satan's Fist - essentially, their 1996 demo - sound just as potent as anything on their two classic, influential full-lengths. Here, the bestial black metal they helped pioneer is tempered with a sort of gritty epicness, displaying both where BESTIAL WARLUST were coming from and, more so, where they could have gone. But with a track on a four-way split to follow a year later, the lid would then be sealed on BESTIAL WARLUST's coffin...until now! To be released on a limited-edition CD and 12" vinyl mastered at 45 RPM and with laser-etched B-side: feel Satan's Fist

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