Belial - Wisdom of Darkness , CD , Re-Release + Bonus

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Black Metal from Germany

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"Wisdom Of Darkness" is one of the heaviest Black/Death Metal albums ever made and an underground treasure that many fans have been searching for since the first press sold out many years ago. This CD re-release offers the opportunity to add a true masterpiece to one's collection and features unreleased live-material recorded in the early 90ies. The name of Belial has become even more infamous since several members have joined bands such as Impaled Nazarene. 1. Intro 01:08 2. The Invocation 03:56 3. Of Servant of Belial 05:41 4. Lost Souls 02:27 5. Rise of Hecate 00:38 6. Hypocrisy of the God's Sons 03:39 7. Voices Beyond 02:57 8. Lost Souls 9. Rise of Hecate 10. You 11. The Invocation 12. On You 13. Voices Beyond

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