Blackhorned - Hak Ed Damm- Split CD

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Black Metal from Canada/Denmark

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Hak-ed Damm was formed in 2007 in Canada and plays raw Black Metal. Blackhorned is from Denmark and began playing in 2001. Hak-ed Damm delivers a style of primitive Black Metal without all the modern symphonic and electronic technology that some Black Metal bands have become accustomed to using in their releases. These guys have a simple delivery of torture, hate, and anything anti-human as far as it seems. The sound is primitive and dark, and it stays that way with every track Hak-ed Damm delivers. Nothing extraordinary here, just another Black Metal release that seems to have been done 1000 times before. Don't get me wrong, Hak-ed Damm are good at what they do, they just do it the same way as others have done it before them. Blackhorned is the next offering on this split and they play a style of Black Metal as well, but there seems to be a hint of Thrash Metal here and there in their music. Unfortunately though I can't seem to get passed the fact that there is nothing here that stands out besides the cold, dark, and raw production and style both bands have achieved. That is a good thing being that today's technology in music allows bands to add so many orchestras, keyboards, and other items to add to their mystique. Old school is throughout this split and that is great, but this has all been done before, and before that! Now Blackhorned does have an influence coming from different directions like Doom Metal and Thrash Metal, but I think that they would have been more noticeable in releasing an EP or something to that effect. This is not a bad release at all, but there is also nothing here that will stand out to impress the Underground. Fans of the old school style of Black Metal should get into this split and will probably like it. Tracklisting: 1. Hak-Ed Damm - Hak-Ed Damm (2010 Album version) 04:38 2. Hak-Ed Damm - Drain the Pigs (Unreleased Exclusive) 04:15 3. Hak-Ed Damm - T-34 (Rehearsal Dec. MMIX) 04:20 4. Hak-Ed Damm - Slay the Nazarene (Live Marduk Cover) 03:09 5. Blackhorned - In a Swarm of Flaming Shadows 04:48 6. Blackhorned - Black Banners of the Damned 04:04 7. Blackhorned - A Timeless Curse 05:10 8. Blackhorned - Infernal Journey 03:34 33:58

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