Bloodrocuted - Disaster Strikes Back CD

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Thrash Metal from Belgium


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Thrash Metal from Belgium

Hails from Belgium! Bloodrocuted is a young thrash metal band founded in 2010 by Daan (bass/backing vocals) and Bob (lead guitar & lead vocals) at the age of fifteen. In 2012 the line­up became complete when Jason (rhythm guitar) and Gaëtan (drums) joined the band. In 2013 they recorded their first album "Doomed To Annihilation". Only six months after "Doomed To Annihilation" got released, they set loose their first demo­tape called "Persecution of the Misanthrope", a limited edition of 100 pieces. But it can be found online too. In the summer of 2014 the music for the second album, "Disaster Strikes Back", was finished. In August the recordings started and about 14 days later the album was finished. Writing the music for the second album, they?ve found the style they really wanted to play. Inspired by their biggest influence, Suicidal Angels and bands such as Havok and Fueled by Fire, they came up with the sound that satisfied them all. It's more mature, has more variation and kicks ass harder than before!

1. 71:52 Leikeze 00:39 
2. Revolution of the Enslaved 04:10 
3. Burning the West 04:44 
4. Consumer of Death 04:17 
5. Soulclaimer 03:13 
6. The Sickened Mind 03:47 
7. HumanBeast 03:19 
8. Mors Indecepta 04:17 
9. Disaster Strikes Back 05:05 
10. Rise ov Evil  03:22 

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