Church Bizarre - Sic Luceat Lux , Double CD

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Death/Black Metal from Denmark


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The final death breath from the temple of Church Bizarre. This deluxe 32 track double CD set includes all recorded demo and EP material to date as well as tons of bonus material. Good sounding live tracks, unreleased Nunslaughter cover and rehearsal demos for the second and never recorded album - it's all included here along with a few other surprises. Comes in high quality packaging and includes tons of photos from all eras of Church Bizarre. A fucking massive overdose of Bizarre, catchy, filthy and fucking Evil black/death metal with a vengeance! "From the river of Styx to the womb of judgement". Booklet features a nice metallic silver foil stamping. CD-1 1-3: The Liberating Darkness -7"EP. 4-10: Live in Svendborg, July 2007. 11-13: rehearsal tracks 2007 from the never recorded second album 'Sic Luceat Lux'. CD-2 1-6: Evoke Or Not - Evil Will Come - 7"EP. 7: bonus track from Enigma Of Hades - 7"EP. 8: unreleased Nunslaughter cover, recorded during the 'Sinister Glorification' session. 9-15: live in Svendborg 2006. 16-19: Demo 2004 20: Nunslaughter cover from South American version of 'Demo 2004' Disc 1 Into the Womb of Judgement 04:24 The Liberating Darkness 05:16 Where the Souls Were Sold 05:40 Chapel of Suffering 04:22 Son of the Burning Path 06:30 Redeemer and the Scythe 04:14 Into the Womb of Judgement 03:55 Return of the Gemini 02:43 Church Bizarre (Nunslaughter) 02:32 The Horned Majesty 05:24 Death Incarnate 04:51 Into the Womb of Judgement 03:55 Son of the Burning Path 06:33 Disc 2 Judging Eyes (Intro) 01:26 Evoked or Not: Evil Will Come 03:07 Chapel of Suffering 02:52 Son of the Mourning (Dissection) 03:25 Return of the Gemini 02:44 Burning Sentence (Outro) 01:26 Consumed by the Southern Cross 03:27 Jesus Is Doomed (Nunslaughter) 00:53 Judging Eyes/ Evoked or Not: Evil Will Come 04:17 Consumed by the Southern Cross 03:26 Sinister Glorification 04:10 Intro/ The Horned Majesty 04:29 Into the Dark (Where Witches Burned) 03:31 Chapel of Suffering 02:54 Enter the Temple of Shadows 04:13 Intro 01:00 The Horned Majesty 03:50 Enigma of Hades 05:50 Devil Metal (Nunslaughter) 02:35 Church Bizarre (Nunslaughter 02:09

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