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Black Metal from Poland

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tracklist: 1. Ordeal 2. Labyrinth Of Lost 3. Dark Matter Constelation 4. Lightbringer - The Architect 5. Martwa Cisza 6. Darkness 7. Planet Of Doom 8. Cold And Haunted ?new full-length album from Polish black metal devastators - DEMONIC SLAUGHTER! ?the band have been dwelling within the Polish Black Metal underground for a period of time in which they have clearly spearheaded themselves as one of Poland?s most prominent acts within the scene ? featuring past and present members of acclaimed Polish bands: Abusiveness, Blaze of Perdition, Xaos Oblivion ?pure Black Metal with great atmosphere, clearly inspired by the Norwegian Black Metal from the early 90, yet still with it?s own ideas, no triggers, no keyboards, no female vocals ? released as jewel case CD with artwork done by Perversor (Ragnarok, Krypt, Witchmaster) ?recommended for fans of Mayhem, 1349, Urgehal Hailing from Poland and featuring present and past members of Abusiveness and Blaze of Perdition, DEMONIC SLAUGHTER has been creating a reputation since 2006 through the release of their three full-length albums as well as few EP?s, as one of the most respected Black Metal bands in their homeland. The new album ?Downfall?, representing band?s continued path of worshipping the old gods of Norwegian Black Metal, is by far is the most mature and accomplished material written by the band to this date. It consists of eight songs of cold, raw Black Metal with grim aura. DEMONIC SLAUGHTER delivers their requiem in honor of the final darkness and collapse of the mankind. ?

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