Defaced Creation - Serenity In Chaos ,CD Re-Release

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90´s Death Metal from Sweden

Kategorie: DEATH METAL

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Reissue / Defaced Creation was formed in Sweden in 1993 under the name Unorthodox but they changed their name to Defaced Creation because there already existed another band named Unorthodox. In the beginning they were forced to use a drum machine because they weren't able to find an excellent drummer. In the beginning of 1994 they recorded their first demo titled "Santeria" which received many good reviews. In 1995, a self-titled demo was released and it gained them a deal with the label Paranoia Syndrome. With the new label the 7" EP, "Resurrection" was released in 1996. ´The same year a 7" split with Aeternum was released, too. After the addition of a talented drummer Arttu Malkki (Sanctification, The Equinox ov the Gods, Aeon, Diabolicum, Souldrainer) several line-up changes and the release of "Serenity in Chaos" (originally released by Swedish label VOD Records) the band broke up .1. Baptised in Fire 04:02 2. Macabre Exposure of Fleshly Devotion 02:04 3. Fire Temple 02:19 4. Kill the Light 02:35 5. Devastation 02:56 6. Return in Black 02:20 7. Cannibalistic Feast 02:28 8. Stillborn 02:40 9. The Victorious Underworld 03:16 10. Infernal 02:47 11. Enslave the Christians 02:55 12. Fall 02:26 32:48

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