Die Hard - Conjure The Legions , CD

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Black/Thrash Metal from Sweden


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OVERVIEW: Brand new album from Sweden?s trash metal overlords! After a warmly approved debut release (Nihilistic Vision from 2009) and a major European tour with Sodom, Die Hard returns with 9 new compositions, that may easily apply to all and any fan of old-school metal rampage. Band?s second strike is markedly more mature, riveting ones attention with addictive guitar tunes, challenging solos and insane double-time drums. This is a one-dimensional piece of pressure-elevating music, though fueled with lots of variation and venomous attitude towards the genre within the thrash trio simply feels and deals best. People into Venom, Kreator, Sodom or any other straightforward thinking set will find a lot of amusement listening to these Swedes. TRACK LIST: 1. Conjure the Legions 2. Masters of Deceit 3. Satanic Uprise 4. Thrash Them All 5. Cold Scythe 6. Sanctify the Morbid 7. Antichrist 8. Stand Up 9. Robe and Crown

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