Graveyard Ghoul - Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses , CD

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old-school Death Metal from Germany

Kategorie: DEATH METAL

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Its not easy to find some bands that take you 20-25 years back in times, when Death Metal was only obscure, rotten and ugly. In that aspect ?Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses? sounds like some of the late 80?s American and Scandinavian Death Metal bands. This producion got charme, don't expect a sterile clean, plastic and lifeless productions. From first listen, you can shout the refrains but without beeing bored after 20th listen of that CD. Recommanded if you like. Autopsy, Repuked, Venenum 1. Voices from Beyond 02:07 2. Poetry of Death 02:50 3. Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses 03:21 4. Savage Note of Disease 03:03 5. Splattered Body 01:03 6. Absolute Dead 02:06 7. Rotten Death 02:43 8. Violent Beast 03:11 9. Black Lagoon 02:45 10. Walking Dead 06:25 instrumental 29:34

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