Haveri - Into The Crypts Of... , CD

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Black´n Roll from Sweden


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Insane and primitive punk h / c from Uppsala Sweden, one of the best bands that have been heard in recent years, raw sound and merciless devastation total plus a touch of metal, for lovers of Discharge, Anti-Cimex and early Disfear more the cold and obscure sound of Bathory, Venom and Hell Hammer. "From the first second this bulldozer of a band starts ripping the flesh from your ears, you can hear such bands as early Entombed and some Raw Black Metal... early Mayhem. I can't wait for this release to see the light of day. I won't waste time talking about the raging d-beat screaming through this horde of manics. Haveri get my vote for one of the greatest punk bands I've heard in at least the past few years. Do yourself a favor and track down this release." -B Lawless

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