Headhunter D.C. - In Unholy Mourning CD

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Death/Thrash Metal from Brazil

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Europe Version of this Masterpiece of Death Metal Cult from Brazil + Mortem Cover with 20 site booklet

1. Rotten Death Prayer
2. Dawn of Heresy
3. Cursed Be Thou
4. Deny the Light
5. A Dream of Blasphemy
6. Hail the Metal of Death!
7. Into the Nightmare (Thrashmassacre Cover)
8. Unexorcised (Haunting Your Exorcist)
9. In Unholy Mourning
10. Lightless?
Bonus Europe Version, only:
11. Summoned to Hell (Mortem Cover)

Review from VFTD If you want Death Metal you?ve got it with Brazilian masters HEADHUNTER D.C.?s much anticipated new opus ?...In Unholy Mourning...?. Still based upon such classic influences as old MORBID ANGEL, POSSESSED, SARCOFAGO, SEPULTURA, MASSACRE it?s Sérgio Baloff?s trademark vokills - I love that guy?s magnificent ?oaaargggh? growls that sound like a moaning mummy in all these cheap horror flicks - which add that special something to the band?s powerful Metal of Death and by finding the right balance between catchy hooks, murderous riffs and captivating leads, sheer brutality fortunately never overpowers the skillfully structured songs. The fabulously titled ?Hail The Metal Of Death!? and THRASH MASSACRE cover ?Into The Nightmare? are my personal lows of the album, the first lacking a killer yell-a-long chorus, the Black / Thrash flair of the latter simply feels somewhat out of place and creates an irritating break to an otherwise very consistent album. Apart from that I would only vote for getting rid of the Black Metal rasps Sérgio utilizes ever since as I want him doing the mummy on every second of this record, haha! Why apply dynamics when you don?t need them? Well, that?s a trap VADER walked in with ?Welcome?? recently as well. However, ?Cursed Be Thou?, ?Deny The Light? or ?Unexorcised (Haunting Your Exorcist)? are prime examples of dark and occult Death Metal that offers enough fiery spirit and dedication to set whole hell ablaze. The production sounds a bit warmer than on its much lauded predecessor ?God?s Spreading Cancer? and a killer artwork by Juanjo Castellano rounds off another sonic testimony to the unstoppable force of Death ?fucking? Metal despite my minor complaints. 2012 seems to become another great year for Death Metal with DEGIAL, the new ASPHYX, COFFIN TEXTS, DISKORD, etc. and HEADHUNTER D.C. of corpse deserves to be added to this year?s shopping list

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