Hellveto- Damnaretis , DIGI-CD

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Black/Pagan Metal from Poland

Kategorie: BLACK METAL

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tracklist: 1. Damnaretis 2. ¯a³obny taniec 3. W³a?nie tam... 4. Syreni p³acz 5. Sznur odkupienia 6. Grudniowy zmierzch 7. Krocz¹c ciernist¹ alej¹ 8. Konaj¹cy anio³ 9. Bez odwrotu 10. Nefaria Being around for nearly seventeen years now, and having the dozen of albums released, HELLVETO is much respected act in the today's pagan black metal underground scene. Leading by LON, as the one and only composer and craftsman behind the entity, HELLVETO started with the intention of honouring proud and barbarian Slavonic ancestral heritage through their triumphant orchestral black metal. The new album "Damnaretis"is by far the most complete, coherent and aggressive recording HELLVETO has done to date, both musically and production-wise. The album was recorded and mixed with LON himself handling all the production duties and performing all the instruments, including the entirely live drums, live violins and acoustic guitars. The instrumentation and it's interplay would have you believe a whole band is doing this. "Damnaretis" contains all the elements and atmosphere that can be find on the previous records, sewing together the sinister black metal attitude with along with a more exotic, medieval charm and epic and beautiful classical orchestration. The end product is the epitome of unconventional, a must for the fans who have followed the band through the years as well as for the new ones.

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