Hirax - The New Age of Terror LP Gatefold Cover

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Thrash Metal from the USA


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Thrash is back and so is one of the original cult-bands of this genre: HIRAX return to this new age of thrash to teach the new school a valuable lesson in classic ass-kicking with their 3rd album "The New Age of Terror". Taking the epic power of melodic old school pounding, HIRAX forge a perfect combination of great musicianship and clever song-writing into a forceful thrash-attack. Hailing from Orange County, California the band left a strong mark in the almighty Bay Area scene after its early founding in 1984. HIRAX quickly managed to gather an extremely dedicated following, which has gained them their undeniable cult-status even through some years of inactivity and several line-up changes. HIRAX are back and they are here to reclaim the throne...

1. Kill Switch 03:46
2. Hostile Territory 01:45
3. The New Age of Terror 04:54
4. Swords of Steel 03:59
5. Into the Ruins 00:46
6. Massacre of the Innocent 01:41
7. Hell on Earth 04:23
8. Suffer 03:38
9. El Dia de los Muertos 02:13
10. El Diablo Negro (Re-make) 04:14
11. Unleash the Dogs of War 05:56

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