Hrizg - Oaken Path of Grief , CD

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Black Metal from Spain

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From the catacombs of an ancient past, MORIBUND RECORDS unearths a groundbreaking newcomer whose hideous spirit resounds across times both modern and distant: the name is HRIZG, the new Spanish inquisition. ?Anthems to Decrepitude?, HRIZG?s second album (and first for MORIBUND), is a startling synthesis of sepulchral atmosphere and dynamic songwriting, all housed with an exquisitely morbid soundfield. Respectful of black metal?s past but committed to forging its future ? heed HRIZG?s call and sing the ?Anthems to Decrepitude?! * Second album from the mysterious Spanish Black Metal band! * Flawless production from Khazad-Dûm Studios (CrystalMoors, Briargh, MoonShine). * A Masterpiece / Classic Black Metal album that evokes the spirit of the original masters! * Mandatory for fans of Mayhem ?De Mysteris?, Mystifier, Inquisition, Tormentor, Necromantia, Root, Mortuary Drape etc. Album Tracks 1. The Infernal Scripture 2. I Hate 3. Ab Aeterno 4. Opposite To Light 5. Anthem To Decrepitude 6. Angercraft 7. Necrosanctum 8. Into the Caves of Earth 9. Invierno 10. In Solitude 11. Broken Shield

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