Impactor-Arise in Decay , CD

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Old-school Thrash Metal from Germany


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Since 2005 these Germans are thrashing the world. After -Prepare for Impact-, Arise in Decay will be their 2nd long player and the 2nd part of their end-time of earth concept. In 9 oldschool thrash hits, IMPACTOR declares, how to live on earth after the great impact. The music is inspired by the 80s classics like Exodus, Kreator and Destruction. Impactor lives the old spirit of tight jeans, white sneakers and bullet belts. The Album was mixed and mastered by Harris Johns in the legendary Music Lab Berlin (Sodom, Tankard, Kreator, Protector,...) For Fans of: Kreator, Destruction, Exodus Track Listing: 01. Death by Train - 02 Thru the Wall - 03 Outatime - 04. When the Sunset Turns Blood-Red - 05. Intoxication - 06. A Night at Cannibals - 07. Symbolic Forces - 08. Let the Napalm Reign - 09. Arise in Decay

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