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Progressive Rock/Metal from Norway

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Progressive Rock/Metal from Norway

Norway has always been the most fertile of lands for experimental and avant-garde Metal. During the last three decades fabulous visionaries have pushed beyond boundaries time and time again, propagating the ever-healthy Metal underground and its myriad sub-genres. The most prestigious and mythical of all are the legendary IN THE WOODS? the originators of truly progressive Dark Metal.

Now, 21 years after their singular, beyond-classic debut "Heart Of The Ages" and 17 protracted years after last full-length "Strange In Stereo", a reimagined and revitalised IN THE WOODS? deliver "Pure" - a stunningly focussed new record ? a distillation of everything that makes them one of the greats.

The prolonged absence has led to a propulsive reinvigoration, a renewed directness and melodic refinement, a set of addictive songs grounded in the same strain of epic, atmospheric and psychedelic blackened Prog-Doom the band mined for their 1997 masterpiece "Omnio" ? although this record is anything but a re-tread of old terrain.

As always with IN THE WOODS? the exploratory nature of the music stems from the freedom of 70's progressive rock: the dreaminess of vintage FLOYD and CAMEL, the skewed restlessness of prime CRIMSON, the perpetual questing of GABRIEL-era GENESIS and subtle Krautrock intimations.

The band have evolved, matured, the unit revelling in the pleasures of restraint. The mind-chaos of youth has transmogrified into the dark divinity of wisdom that only experience can bring - a welcome respite in times of ephemeral pleasures and hyperactive multiplicities.

At core "Pure" is a collection of huge-sounding, all-enveloping cosmic tales - a supermassive record fusing epic Dark Metal with hook-ridden doom-tinged modernism, the mind?s eye trained far beyond the archaic firmament deep into worlds unknown.


1. Pure 07:21 
2. Blue Oceans Rise (Like a War) 05:41 
3. Devil's at the Door 05:47  
4. The Recalcitrant Protagonist 05:43  
5. The Cave of Dreams 04:55  
6. Cult of Shining Stars 05:55  
7. Towards the Black Surreal 07:01  
8. Transmission KRS 10:46   instrumental
9. This Dark Dream 07:18  
10. Mystery of the Constellations 07:02 

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