Kathaaria - The Complex Void Of Negativity , CD

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Progressive Black Metal from Germany

Kategorie: BLACK METAL

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The debut album of german Kathaaria is an achievement. In days during which debut albums are released like mere demos, Kathaaria have pushed their artistic vision to the extreme, reaching a kind of perfectionism that many elder bands would dream about. Undoubtedly dwelling within the shadows of Black Metal, Kathaaria go far beyond with intricate compositions that may sometimes remind of weirdos Ved Buens Ende on a brutal trip. The guitarplaying, all in subtle chords and disturbing harmonies is incredibly talented. The musical visions summoned herein are bleak yet hypnotising, leaving no other issue than to return, again and again, confronting oneself with the many layers of a very profound record. 1. Archives Of Doubt 06:38 2. Voice Of A Dead Boy 03:35 3. To Dare Not Speak Its Name 05:38 4. As Fear Changes Sides 08:19 5. Venus Dementia 05:07 6. Aenigma 07:54 7. Dead Not Dreaming 07:57 Total playing time 45:00

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