Kinetik - Critical Fallout CD

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Thrash Metal from Italy

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Thrash Metal from Italy

Kinetik's thrash metal project kicked off in September 2011 and the line up hit the Italian road in November of the same year. All the five members, who met under the flagship of thrash metal, come from other bands of the metal underground scene of Florence (Italy). Even sharing a common musical baggage the members influence the band sound with diverse metal flavours, spanning from the Teutonic thrash (Kreator, Destruction) to the bay area one (Testament, Megadeth, Overkill), without the intention to stick to any style fingerprint but rather to deliver fresh energy. In 2013, after one year and half together and some gigs the band has released "Greed" their first 4 tracks EP. The entire production, from recording to mastering, is fully self-made by the guitarists Fabio and Massimo at "Centro Giovani GAV" studio..

1. Out of the Shelter 02:04   instrumental
2. Blood for Money 03:41 
3. Dystopia 04:20 
4. Greed 03:08 
5. Revenge 04:28 
6. Abyss of Humanity 04:22 
7. Face Your Darkside 03:21 
8. Conspiracy Theory 03:04   instrumental
9. Warped 04:14 
10. Fallout 06:15 
11. Eymerich 06:22 

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