Malfeitor - Dum Morior Orior ,CD

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Death Metal from Sweden

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Malfeitor is a 3-piece band consisting of veterans from death metal genre. Their beginnings are rooted in early 90s when the band played some gigs, but didn't release any official demos. Moberg and Perkkila have met again in 2007 as part of Blood Mortized with Mattias Borgh (Crypt do Kerberos , Embrio , Arcana) and Anders Biazzi ( Amon Amarth ,Pathalog, Scum) in line-up and soon released very well-received self-titled debut. In 2010 Moberg decided to reincarnate Malfeitor with Perkkila on vocals and multiinstrumentalist Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll on drums ( Excruciate , Mastication , Morpheus ,Exhumed , Egypt, ). In the meantime Perkkila and Björkenfjäll collaborated on a side-project called Birch Mountain. KILLER DEATH GORE FROM SWEDEN FEATURES MEMBERS OF BLOOD MORTIZED, ex-EXHUMED, MASTICATION Guest vocals by Ronnie ?Ripper? Olson (GEHENNAH) on 'Rolling with the Corpses' 1. Conversation in Minor 2. Beyond the Horrorizon 3. When Last Breath Fades 4. Exile From Sanity 5. To Hell, Farewell 6. Death, The Dead and Me 7. Rolling With Corpses 8. And the Sky Turned to Rage 9. Psychosis 10. Scenes From a Slaughterhouse 11. Sojourn Hel

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