Maxxxwell Carlisle - Visions of Speed and Thunder CD

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US Heavy Metal

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US Heavy Metal

MAXXXWELL CARLISLE - Maxxxwell Carlisle is an outstanding guitarist, who could have fit right in during the mid-eighties, at a time when legendary "guitar heroes? such as Yngwie Malmsteen, David Chastain, Tony Macalpine or Vinnie Moore just to name a few started out. All of them had their home in traditional heavy metal and most of them were from the US. Maxxxwell follows this tradition and in the year 2015, he is one of the last few artists of his kind. His compositions are outstanding as the present album, mostly a compilation of his so far work, shows very well. All songs, new remixed and remastered, were written by him and can be compared to traditional melodic heavy metal such as CHASTAIN and other similar artists. Maxxxwell Carlisle has already worked with many top musicians including Michael Angelo Batio (NITRO), Tina Guo (Solo artists and Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Tour), Ethan Brosh (ANGELS OF BABYLON), Neil Turbin (ANTHRAX), Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER / FEMME FATALE / THE IRON MAIDENS), Simon Wright (AC/DC / DIO / U.F.O. / HELLION), Bjorn Englen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN / TONY MACALPINE), Rick Renstrom (ROB ROCK / MISTHERIA) and more which demonstrates his extraordinary skills. He has previously played as tour guitarist for DEATHRIDERS and is now the official guitarist for Ann Boleyn's HELLION.

1. Visions of Speed and Thunder  
2. Marching with the Dragons  
3. Full Metal Thunder  
4. The Power of Metal Compels Me  
5. Power Angel  
6. Visions of Victory  
7. Ramming Speed  
8. Thunder Fortress  
9. Duet for Electric Cello and Electric Guitar in A minor  
10. Axis Accelerator  
11. Speed Force  
12. The Call of the Metal  
13. Shield of Thunder

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