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Necrophagia - Death Is Fun Black/Death/Thrash originators classic demo recordings finally re-issued! Again the corpse of Necrophagia summons the damned souls of extreme metal. Returning from beyond the grave to rage anew, those still carrying the torch of the macabre and imaginative world of horror-inspired Death metal will develop their own freakish nightmare while listening. Death is Fun contains some of the earliest death metal from almost fifteen years ago. The undulating shrieks of Death is Fun vividly paint the emotions of spattered blood, swollen glands, and evisceration. It is a mouthpiece for the unspeakable, an articulate visionary for the silent suffocating darkness. Originally released in1997 as the very first Red Stream digital release, Death is Fun has a lockdown on all things that make you lose your mind over gore-drenched death. Red Stream is once again unearthing dead music with this special re-issue of the first CD the label ever released. The new and improved version includes 2 unreleased raw tracks, never heard before, and killer artwork from Paul Booth and Patrick Tremblay, which has already been banned from five different printers. After an extensive search Red Stream finally found a printer daring enough to print Death is Fun

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