Naer Mataron - Long Live Death LP

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Black Metal Cult from Greece Gatefold Cover

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Line up: KAIADAS ? bas ,vox INDRA ? guitars ASMODEVS DRACO DVX ? drums INFORMATION : After 4 years, the most dangerous satanic horde returns. Sixth album of this Greek band brings chaos, destruction and sonic feast praising DEATH! ?ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ? (LONG LIVE DEATH) was produced in Hertz Studio, cover art was designed by George ?Grin? Prasinis.The album will be released as digipak and black 180-gram vinyl with gatefold cover limited to 333 units. Music by Indra Lyrics by Kaiadas Except ?Faceless Wrath Of Oblivion? lyrics by Kaiadas,Indra and Asmodevs Draco Dvx Recorded at Incorporated M Studio by Bill Papas&Nikos G Produced and Mixed by Wojtek&Sławek Wiesławscy at Hertz Studio Matered at Hertz Studio Covert art by George ?Grin? Prasinis TRACKLIST: 1. LONG LIVE DEATH (intro) 2. APOCALYPSE OF THE ANCIENT ONE 3. SLEEPLESS BEINGS 4. I AM LUCIFER,MESSENGER OF YOUR DEATH 5. GOAT WORSHIP 6. FACELESS WRATH OF OBLIVION 7. PARADE INTO CENTURIES 8. WHISPER OF BEGOTTEN PREMONITION 9. THE CULT OF DOOM AND DAGGER 10.ODE TO DEATH (The Way of All Flesh ) Spielzeit 36:40Line up:

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