Natas - DeathCore 1985-1993 , Double-CD

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Area Death Productions 2012 - Legendary hardcore/thrash/death metal band NATAS (Not Us) out of Chicago, Illinois offers their first full discography compilation. Double CD pack features 39 tracks dating from 1985 to 1993 and demonstrates a more brutal face of the band that has evolved from hardcore/thrash to early death metal concept. This treasure trove consists of the "Think What You Want" LP and tracks from ??plit with Infamous Sinphony, Bloodcum, Outcasts??LP both originally released by US cult label Wild Rags in 80s, and also the "No One Gets Out Alive" never released demo; ??utcast Of Society??demo 1986, ??nternal Damnation??demo 1986. Re-mastered and all first time on CD officially. Cover Design by Chinese talent designer Wang JiaBin. Mark Sawickis (Impetigo) do liner notes and interview with core member. Rare photos, flyers and fan mails from early days. Double CD pack. Limited 1000 copies + New art work and included foreward from Mark Sawickis (Impetigo) + Full discography from 1985~93 For fans of brutal, raw, and fierce thrash metal, bands like Metallica(Kill'em all), Suicidal Tendencies, M.O.D. and early Sepultura

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