Necrophagia - Necrotorture - Sickness ,DVD

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Cult Death Metal from the USA

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Another sick and depraved music appears! Necrophagias Necrotorture/Sickcess is a vomitous concoction of footage from shot on the road during the bands 2003 European tour, including an entire live show from Spain. If you're looking for a boring, run of the mill live show, you've come to the wrong place. This is chock full of murder, cannibalism, debauchery, and outrageous simulated snuff footage. The live video was filmed with four different angle cameras and is an entire hour of bloody performance on high resolution and Dolby 5.1 professionaly mixed sound.Frontman Killjoy has entertained a lifelong obsession with horror, gore, and all things of the underworld, and gives expression to his interests through Necrophagia. He has always held the ideal that his band should resemble the screech of the possessed in THE EXORCIST. After releasing the seminal 1987 album, SEASON OF THE DEAD, with his original lineup, which was influenced by Slayer and The Possessed but with a slower pace and more obviously gore-themed lyrics, Killjoy disbanded Necrophagia due to creative differences within the band. Resurrected in the late '90s sporting ever sicker themes and a new member, who went under the name of Anton Crowley but was widely known to be Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Necrophagia continues to put out nightmarish, horrific material to thrill its very underground audiences. This release is no different, with material shot on the road during a 2003 tour, as well as a live show in Spain. The characteristic cannibalism, murder, simulated snuff films, and general debauchery are all present and accounted for, so true fans will not be disappointed. 16 trax + a lot of bonus stuff

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