Overdose - Tight Action + Bonus CD

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old-school 80´s Heavy Metal from Germany


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OVERDOSE - Tight Action CD These are the mighty OVERDOSE from Frankfurt. There are so many metal bands by that name, but believe us, this is the real deal. By far the best OVERDOSE we've heard of so far. Their only release in 1985 is a pure metal MASTERPIECE loaded with killer heavy metal music, with clever arrangements, cool vocals and fantastic rhythm changes and razor sharp riffs. Of course, we couldn't miss on the opportunity to re-issue this bombastic piece of steel, so here it is for all you metal thirsty freaks! The re-issue contains a short story of the band, plus their entire "Heavy Metal" demo as a bonus. Classic songs like "Curse of the Witch", "Way in the Dark", "Touch my Life" etc. will get you on the floor begging for more. At last!! It was about time to hear killer music once again. TRACK LISTING 1. Italian Stallion 3:51 2. Best Way To Get Crazy 4:38 3. Center Of The World 3:11 4. We Are The Youth 3:42 5. Garden Of Evil 4:13 6. Intro 0:22 7. Touch My Life 4:20 8. Cry And Shout 4:59 9. Curse Of The Witch 3:39 10. Way In The Dark 4:15 BONUS (Heavy Metal Demo ?84) 11. Alive And Ready 4:10 12. Italian Stallion 3:55 13. Danger 4:62 14. Take A Knife 4:15

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