Pandemonium - Misanthropy CD

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Black Metal from Poland

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?Monumentally challenging, dark, and utterly fantastic new album from Pandemonium! ?Gloomy and devoid of a defined song structure "Misanthropy" can be described as the black death metal with strong avant-garde feel, a great range of musical talent and overwhelming heaviness of every element in the sound. ?Addictive from the very first listening and devilishly original! ?Will to appeal to fans of Triptikon, later Celtic Frost, early works of Samael and Tiamat and generally the whole epic black / death / doom genre! ?Featuring guest appearance from Androniki Skoula (Chaostar, Septic Flesh) with her unearthly voice in two songs. ?Enthusiastic reviews in metal press worldwide! Formed in 1989 PANDEMONIUM has been a one of the very first black death metal bands in Poland, at the time this type of metal was almost non-existent. Their first official release was the legendary ?Devilri? in 1994, and from there-on the band has become a cult act. Now, with 23 years on the battlefield, PANDEMONIUM can not only be considered as one of the founders of the genre, but also a very reliable band in the extreme black death metal scene, still making it a style all their own. With its intense, unique, severe dark majestic and otherworldly sound, PANDEMONIUM delivers their most creative and artful album to this date - "Misanthropy"! The grim black metal is laced with elements of death and doom metal, classical, Middle Eastern melodies, and much more. There is a great range of musical talent to be found here, the mysterious feel of this album is provided by the mid heavy tempo and overlay of dense melody, surrounding the listener within a thick diabolic fog. And add to that the unearthly vocals of Androniki Skoula (Chaostar, Septic Flesh), this is the kind of stuff you listen to with the lights off! 1. The Black Forest 2. God Delusion 3. Necro Judas 4. Stones Are Eternal 5. Avant-Garde Underground 6. Everlasting Opposition 7. Only the Dead Will See the End of War 8. Misanthropy

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