Pyrrhon - An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master ,CD

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Death Metal from the USA

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An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master" is the debut full length album of New York's experimental death metal band PYRRHON. The album is a nightmarish blend of clanging death metal with surreal psychedelic elements, jazz rhythms, and delirious storytelling. The material was recorded and mixed by Dan Pilla at Bad Lab Studios in Tabernacle, NJ and mastered by Colin Marston (GORGUTS, DYSRHYTHMIA, KRALLICE) at The Thousand Caves Studios in Queens, NY. The cover art and layout were created by Caroline Harrison. This 8-song CD will definitely appeal to fans of GORGUTS, ULCERATE, MESHUGGAH, DEATH, MISERY INDEX, SUFFOCATION, ATHEIST as well as DEATHSPELL OMEGA, KRALLICE. Tracklisting: 1. New Parasite 2. Glossolalian 3. Idiot Circles 4. Correcting a Mistake 5. Gamma Knife 6. The Architect Confesses (Spittlestrand Hair) 7. Flesh Isolation Chamber 8. A Terrible Master

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