Ravencult - Force Of Profanation LP

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Black/Thrash Metal from Greece

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Black/Thrash Metal from Greece

180g black vinyl, insert

Originating from Athens, Greece, RAVENCULT was spawned to revive the relentless side of Black/Thrash Metal, bringing forth an unpolished, organic sound to manifest their morbid darkness.

Formed in 2001, they initially unleashed a series of demo/7" EP releases, gaining their ground in the underground scene and forming their sound with a strong mark of mediterranean Black Metal. In the coming years, they evolved from the traditional black metal approach of their 2007 debut album "Temples Of Torment", to a macabre union of pounding black thrashing metal on their sophomore 2011 "Morbid Blood" full-length.

With praising feedback on their releases, the circle of ungodliness marched in 20 european countries over the years, touring and sharing the stage with a wide range of the extreme metal pioneers.

Their growing fan base supported the Athenian quartet by making every single release of them rapidly sold out and repressed, while turning their shows into a feast of tension and sonic violence.

In the summer of 2015, RAVENCULT joins forces with Metal Blade Records for a worldwide deal and records their third opus, entitled "Force Of Profanation".

Maintaining their straightforward, riff-after-riff rawness, they dive even deeper in the abyss of metal obscurity. Harsher in sound and more determined than ever, RAVENCULT delivers a merciless barrage of metallic death combining the 80s thrashing mayhem with the Black Metal darkness of the 90s.

"Force Of Profanation" lyrically continues the tradition of their trademark conceptual axis: Revenge, Horror and mocking of all that is Holy.

RAVENCULT is Greece's morbid metal primitivism; glorifying the mentality of Old and conjuring forth the forces of Black Thrash pounding with fanatic devotion.

Side A
1. Tormentor of Flesh 04:13 
2. In Macabre Triumph 04:32 
3. Beneath the Relics of Old 04:26 
4. Merciless Reprisal 03:19 
Side B
5. Into Depths 04:51 
6. Doom Oracle 03:10 
7. Altar of Impurity 02:48 
8. Temple of the Void 05:33 

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