RazorRape - Slaughter Sluts Supremacy,MCD

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GoreGrind from Sweden

Kategorie: DEATH METAL

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Swedens number one Goregrind export is back with a new release, fast grinds mixed with groovy tunes, belching vocals and blood gurgling grunts, some pig-squeals and shits. All gory vocals you've ever heard in one band. A fuckin' cool entertaining record. This 3rd Razor Rape release is a 11 track EP-CD with a running time of 16:26 minutes, to shorten waiting time for the next full album in 2014. Don't ignore this MCD, it will be the soundtrack for your upcommin' circle pits!! For Fans of: Spasm, Jig Ai and of cause Razor Rape Tracklisting: 01 - Clitoris Cheese Sli 02 - Drillbit Defloratio 03 - Human Meat Grinder 04 - Chainsaw Rectoscopy 05 - Bouncing Babyheads 06 - Severed Cock Lollip 07 - Ballsack Blastfuck 08 - Slaughter Sluts Sup 09 - Grind Your Head Off 10 - Visceral Rape 11 - Drillbit Defloratio (Karaoke Version)

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