Rotting Christ - thy mighty contract CD

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Black Metal Cult from Greece

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Greek's Black Metal pioneers Rotting Christ Released "Thy Mighty Contract" via Osmose Productions in 1993, few years later the album was licensed and sold to Century Media and now it's time to Reissue the Dark Masterpiece once again, using the ORIGINAL ARTWORK design and 2 Bonus Tracks, not to mention a new booklet with Various Statements and Liner notes from the Masters of Extreme Metal around the globe telling their own personal Story of "Thy Mighty Contract", Members of Emperor, Absu, Septicflesh, Agalloch, Primordial, Enslaved, Naglfar and others, each shares his own experience with this Album. 1 The Sign of evil Existence 2. Transform all Suffering into Plagues 3 Fgmenth, thy Gift 4. Dive the deepest Abyss 5. Exiled Archangels 6 His sleeping Majesty 7. The Coronation of the Serpent 8 The fourth Knight of Revelation Bonus tracks: 9 Visions of the dead Lover 10. The mystical Meeting

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