Rottrevore - Iniquitous CD

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Death Metal from USA

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Death Metal from USA

1. Jesters Of Recession
2. Ceased By Failure
3. Spawn Of Ignorance
4. Unanimous Approval
5. Dismal Fate
6. Disembodied
7. Incompetent Secondary
8. Conspiracised
9. Actions For Loss
10. Crude Domination
11. Unbeknownst (Instr. Outro)
12. Clogged Sewer Pie (*)
13. Ceased By Failure (*)
14. Disemnodied (*)
(*) Live Cleveland, Ohio March 28th 1992


Rottrevore were an old school death metal band from Pennsylvania, USA. They were formed in 1989 around core members Chris Free (Bass), Chris Weber (Vocals / Guitars) and Mark Mastro (Vocals / Guitars). The band played a very rhythmic style of death metal which used a crushing guitar tone, atmospheric pedals and exploring drums. Their style could be compared to that of bands such as Uncanny and Wombbath.
In 1990 the band unleashed their first demo The Epitome of Pantalgia before signing to Relapse Records to release 1991's Copulation of the Virtuous and Vicious EP. Another EP, Fornication in Delirium was released in 1992. After a change of drummers the band began to write their debut album. Iniquitous, which was released in 1993 by Drowned Productions, was a huge step up from its predecessors, with increased production values, more atmospheric influences and exceedingly heavy riffage earning it some great reviews and a strong reception from the underground scene.
The band split up in around 1995 due to musical differences and other commitments.

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