Slidhr - Deluge , Digi-Pak

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Black Metal from Ireland

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The realization of hidden warfare, "Deluge" sings of nature's awakening, calling on it's forces to swallow this civilization. Heralding the horse of death to unite mankind with the soil. These ten songs evoke celestial turmoil and welcome the next great catastrophe upon a species hypnotised and poisoned into submission. To achieve spiritual liberty, the crown of the tyrant must be seized. By journeying beyond the physical realm and learning from the dead, those who awaken may shun the blinding light of the false sun. "Deluge" is to be broken down to our very essence in order to be truly reborn 1. Wielding Daggers 05:45 2. Hex 05:26 3.Earth's Mouth Opens 05:37 4.Symbols Obscuring 04:34 5.Rejoin The Dirt 05:14 6. Their Blood 04:45 7. Death Of The Second Sun 04:59 8. Unseen 04:23 9. As The Dead 04:29 10. Rays Like Blades 04:03

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