Slidhr / Rebirth of Nefast - Split , DIGI CD

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Black Metal

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Split, End All Life Productions Rebirth of Nefast 1. Swallowing the Sun 08:59 2. Drink of the Black Chalice 10:44 Slidhr 3. Through the Roots 04:23 4. The Paupers' Bones 04:46 5. Deepest Gaze 03:42 Total playing time 32:34 Split-CDs are often hazardous, resulting in an unbalanced artistic impact . Ex-Nihilio, the common work of Rebirth of Nefast and Slidhr, to the contrary, showcases two entities that complement each other to a rare extent. Most likely because both exhale the same pitch-black atmosphere and tend towards the same bleak aim. Rebith of Nefast works with atmospheres, expressing the unlikely and grotesque, with an undeniable sinister spiritual edge. Slidhr is hatred and violence, not unlike an entity such as Funeral Mist, but also a great sense for the riff. Yet you could reverse these descriptions and still match the point. It is genuinely challenging material, and a great testimony to the unique brilliance of Black Metal.

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