Squad - Gallinazeous Death , CD

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Thrash Cult from Chile


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Area Death Productions 2012 - Limited Edition of only 1000 copies from this Cult Thrash Metal Act. The Chilean 25 year thrash-core legends SQUAD strike back with "Gallinazeous Death" re-issue. One of the most overlooked crossover albums ever from South America. Old school thrash metal combined with their patented 80s south American punk-hardcore rage. This is the finest crossover metallic hardcore Santiago has ever produced, period since the original release of "Gallinazeous Death" on cassette in 1989. Included are 8 bonus tracks from "Live Manuel Plaza 1989" for the first time on CD format ever, and excellent work inside pages with great comic artwork! Limited 1000 copies. For fans of Sacrofago, Ratos De Porao, D.R.I. and Cryptic Slaughter.

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