Toxik - Dynamo Open Air , DVD+CD

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Thrash Metal from the USA

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* Full Dynamo Open Air 1988 gig. A classic gig for all thrash fans worldwide. *?Includes Dynamo Club gig 2 days before Open Air. * Limited edition includes an Audio CD?with the Dynamo Open Air gig. *?Cult thrash band that is in the spotlights due to the CD reissues and the reunion of the band! Track listing: Dynamo Open Air May 23rd, 1988 1. Heart attack 2. Social overload 3. Symptom of the universe 4. Voices 5. Door to hell 6. World circus 7. 47 seconds of sanity / Count your blessings 8. False prophets 9. Haunted earth 10. Victims Dynamo club May 21st, 1988 11. Heart attack 12. Social overload 13. Symptom of the universe 14. Voices 15. Door to hell 16. World circus 17. 47 seconds of sanity / Count your blessings 18. False prophets 19. Haunted earth 20. Victim of changes 21. Victims 22. Evil woman 23. Spontaneous

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