Tribulation - The Children Of The Night CD

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Black / Death Metal from Sweden

Kategorie: BLACK METAL

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With a willful drive, an irresistible groove, bewitching melodies and a haunting atmosphere, ?The Children of the Night? captures a true sense of drama and heaviness despite the strangely accessible nature of its compositions. At a time when the metal enthusiast is faced with a constant stream of releases, this album stands alone; to listen to it is to be swept up in its grandeur and majesty. All LP versions come on 180g vinyl and include a 30x30cm sized LP booklet and an etching on Side D.

01. Strange Gateways Beckon (04:29)
02. Melancholia (05:16)
03. In The Dreams Of The Dead (05:52)
04. Winds (06:51)
05. Själaflykt (05:52)
06. The Motherhood Of God (05:23)
07. Strains Of Horror (06:14)
08. Holy Libations (06:33)
09. Cauda Pavonis (02:55)
10. Music From The Other (07:03)

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