Twilight - Apocryphal Souls CD

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Black Metal from Greece

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Black Metal from Greece

Legendary Black metal act from Salonica, Greece. This will be a mandatory release featuring all their demo material+unreleased stuff. The booklet will feature an extremely detailed interview with their original guitarist & vocalist & tons of obscure flyers,old interviews & biographies


1. In Nocturnal Gates  
2. Summoning the Sixth Angels (Calling from the North)  
3. Kingdom of Wrath  
4. Sign from the Underworld  
5. Outro (The End)  
6. Demonical Image (Intro)  
7. A Tale from the Ancient War  
8. In Wisdom of Darkness  
9. Consequence of the Ghosts (Through the Eye of the Evil)  
10. Cry for Him  
11. The Fall of Soul (Outro)  
12. Intro  
13. The Fall (Reclamation of Thy Throne)  
14. Intro  
15. Walking Under the Frozen Land  
16. Arising Thy Horned One (htao terces eht)  
17. Intro  
18. Lycanthropic Cult  
19. Anthem for the Initiation of Black Magician  
20. Outro

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