Valoton - Beastificate , CD

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Black Metal from Finland

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Beastificate is a merciless and cruel Satanic Black Metal assault expressed with rapid artillery; fast and precise strikes against the dogmas of christian beliefs with Satanic rage and hellfire. Valoton represents the theistic way of Satanism in their lyrics and the album depicts the passage of humanity through beast to ascension. This is the debut release of Valoton, although the anonymous members forming the band have a long history of performing the music of the black arts. Without light, without lies, with wisdom and cold flame of the North. 1. Beastificate 2. Sancta Scientia 3. Jaws Of Abaddon 4. Avatar 5. Musta Soihtu 6. Beatific Visions 7. First Ray From Satan?s Sun 8. Cut The Chains Of Flesh 9. Reborn In Flames

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